Tax and ongoing business support.

Are you running a film, tv or online media production business?
Get tax and business support from people who work with production companies all day, every day.

You need to work with an expert tax accountant who knows what it’s like to be developing or producing a project by day and being kept awake at night worrying about financing your projects while meeting accounting, tax and regulatory requirements when running a company.

Our specialist tax accountants have produced projects, so we genuinely understand your journey. Working with us means you can focus on being creative while we help you meet your tax compliance obligations, like company income tax, BAS and PAYG.

We can even do your company bookkeeping (during busy periods, or if it’s really not your thing).

Taxation services

Annual business tax returns (company and individual)

Working with film, tv and online media businesses is our specialty. Whether you’re a company or a sole-trader, we know your industry and how to optimise your annual tax return.

Quarterly BAS and IAS returns

We take the time and stress out of preparing your monthly, quarterly or annual BAS and IAS returns, so all you have to do is check the details, sign the statements and pay the required amounts by the due date.

Tax planning

When you come on board, we’ll sit down and have a tax planning session with you to make sure you have the most tax effective structure.  And we’ll review this on an annual basis with you. 

Ongoing business support

Production company setup

If you’re at the stage where you need to set up a company to develop and produce projects, we’ve got your back. We’ll walk you through the process, and help you set up a production company, making sure you get all your tax registrations correct from the start. We’ve worked with hundreds of producers, helping them create the most appropriate company setup for their needs.

Accounting and tax advice

Whatever tax advice you need, from the tax treatment of investment in film to fringe benefits tax to government grants like JobKeeper, our team has the skills and experience to support you


Many producers keep their own books in Xero, and if you need to learn how, we’ll provide training. Others are more hands-off, so if this is you, and you need it we’re happy to help with monthly or quarterly bookkeeping.

ASIC Agent services (including maintaining your company’s ASIC information)

We are a registered ASIC agent. So, if you appoint us, you can have confidence that your ASIC reporting obligations are met in a timely way (for example, if you change directors or shareholders).

Let us look after the numbers so you can focus on the creative process and get your stories told.

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